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Meet Jason

“We know the e-commerce playbook for healthcare products and medical devices. We helped write it.”
My healthcare journey started in 2009, with my first job out of school. For 15 years, I’ve worked in medical device manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce. I ran marketing, product management, and sales operations at Professional Hospital Supply and Medline, and I launched and led Amazon’s OTC healthcare products and Rx medical device business.
In 2019, I launched The Brand Co-op to serve a market I know and love. Healthcare is a unique industry, requiring tailored solutions. My experience at the intersection of medical and digital uniquely positions The Brand Co-op to help humanize healthcare in an increasingly non-human world.

Our Approach

Customized Services
We tailor our team to each client project. By partnering with the right people - strategists, analysts, and creatives - on each project, we give our clients access to world-class work with a small town (well, Seattle) feel.
Undivided Attention
We want to be the perfect fit for your brand, not the biggest agency. We intentionally limit the number of companies we partner with, so each client gets our undivided attention.
True Partnership
We value long-term relationships and true partnership. We act like owners, driven by a commitment to serving our clients’ goals. We treat your business as if it were our own. Because it is.

Partnerships We’ve Built


What we do best



The strength of our process is what ensures our high likelihood of success. Before making any strategic recommendations, we diagnose, thoroughly examining your opportunities, challenges, and goals. Our outside perspective allows us to see things differently, and our experience helps to ensure we’re offering solutions to problems we’ve properly screened.



Our experience and deep thinking helps our clients earn their spot in people’s lives. For established brands with their own digital team, or companies looking for expert guidance as they first launch online, we offer personalized e-commerce consulting services to help you thrive in the digital world. We set the strategy and coach your team. You execute our vision.



A true partnership. For brands looking for a turnkey solution, we offer full-service account management for Amazon’s Vendor Central and Seller Central. We diagnose, prescribe a strategy, and execute our vision. This program is offered on a limited basis to brands that are a strong mutual fit and are invested in their e-commerce future.

Areas of Expertise


Customer Experience








Hear From Our Clients


Sr Marketing Manager
“Jason was instrumental in operationalizing our venture with Amazon. His strong understanding of Amazon’s process allowed us to proactively address challenges, allowing us to launch on time.”


Sr Digital Marketing Manager
“The Brand Co-op’s expertise in managing our e-commerce healthcare business on Amazon has helped streamline our operations and improve our product pages & advertising efforts. Their strategic insights and service have added value to our e-commerce programs, as they helped guide us through the complexities of Amazon.”

Read Our Case Studies

$26M in 4 Months

One of the world’s leading medical device makers launched a new product, experiencing explosive growth virtually overnight. Orders flooded in before they could build a stable operational foundation for their business to run on. Although we were hired for our e-commerce consulting services, we jumped at the opportunity to provide value in a new way for our client.
We didn’t have time to train their employees or implement automated systems, so we quickly developed a shipping process that was admittedly low-tech, but highly impactful, and followed Amazon’s rules. We also created custom carton labels that met Amazon’s requirements and worked seamlessly with the systems and hardware our client uses in their warehouse.
We helped deliver $26 million in sales, in only 4 months, with 100% accuracy for inventory and payments, and no financial penalties. Our client shipped 60,000 units per week using the process we developed and the custom carton labels we created. Our solution was scrappy but effective. Both teams were flexible and willing to try something new to delight our customers.

86% Sales Growth

A well-known consumer healthcare brand was on Amazon for many years but hadn’t made it a priority. The majority of their sales are generated in alternative markets, often with insurance companies reimbursing the cost of their customers’ purchase. E-commerce was not a focus, and rightfully so. Their past results simply didn’t justify further investment.
We agreed to manage their Amazon business for 5 months. It was a unique, short-term sprint that was designed to prove our value and demonstrate results for their leadership team. We didn’t have time to launch new products or build deep loyalty with customers, so we prioritized an improved customer experience and robust advertising strategy.
By the end of our 5-month partnership, our client’s Amazon sales grew by 86%. Our short, 5-month sprint turned into 15 months, and counting. Sales are now up more than 150% and a loyal customer base is driving conversion rates above 30%. Our client gained clarity into the role Amazon can play in their future, while supporting the legacy business that built their foundation.

From $400K to $6M

We partnered with a leading healthcare products manufacturer to provide full-service management for their Amazon retail business. After selling 1,000+ SKUs to Amazon as a vendor over 8 years, they were stuck below $400,000 in annual sales. Based on our experience and track record, we were hired to do it all, and trusted to lead their Amazon business to new heights.
Our diagnostic deep-dive uncovered 3 areas of focus that became the foundation of our strategy. It was simple, but extremely effective. (1) We added 1,000 more SKUs, doubling the size of their catalog, (2) we improved the customer experience with better written and digital content, and (3) we launched Amazon Ads, allowing us to reach more customers.
The results? Record sales and a digital presence that are building brand loyalty with new customers in a growing market. Within 2 months, they achieved +205% growth compared to the year prior. In 1 year, we quintupled (that’s 5X) their Amazon business. After 5 years together, their Amazon sales are on-pace to break $6 million annually. That’s true partnership!

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Our E-Commerce Sales Formula

Start here, with our fundamental guide for re-thinking how sales are generated. We teach you how to distill outcomes into actionable tasks within your control, following our proven formula.


Spend Less to Grow Ad Sales

Learn how to sell more with every dollar invested in digital advertising, from adjusting bids on a regular basis to managing budgets to achieve specific performance targets.


Convert Shoppers Into Customers

Our top-3 strategies for improving your conversion rates with a better customer experience. Learn how to leverage data and write for humans, create images that sell, and utilize every pixel.


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